Should I Get A Tube Amp or Solid State Amp?

The word on the street has it that the solid state amp can make cleaner power at a better rate while the scarce tube amps are more powerful for a comparative wattage. The result is an odd mix of tube pre-amps and amp power in solid state. Despite all of these, most serious player will use a normal tube amp. This is all changing due to newer technology that can create the same rich sound without the tube design.

There is no solid state amp that will sound just like a tube amp. In a high grain pinch harmonic, this tends to stand out especially. Tube amps can easily outdo the solid state in volume, sound quality and overall feel. However, solid state are less expensive and are a great place to go when you are starting out.

Marshall, Fender, Peavey and Line 6 make good quality solid state amplifiers. Crate amps are cheap and do not have the greatest sound quality.

Vox, Peavey and Fender make good all-tube amps. Even better are Marshall, Rivera, Soldano and Mesa-Boogie.

Dumble, Diezel, Orange and Bogner make great hand built boutique amplifiers. Due to their nature they are upwards of two thousand or more. It is worth the money if you have it to spare and want a great sound.