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What to Look for in Amp Effects

If you are buying a higher quality amp, some of the things you will need include headphone jacks and direct outputs, which will aid in recording. The headphones are helpful when practicing in situations where loud noise is not acceptable. It allows you to play whenever you want without worry of disturbing others. Many guitarists […]

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Guitar Amplifiers Configuration

When it comes to electric guitars, a half stack is an amplifier stack that consists of a head on top of one cabinet. A full stack on the other hand, refers to a head on top of two cabinets. The cabinet which supports the head tends to have an angled top in front, while a […]

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Vox Tony Bruno Amps

A Brief History of Guitar Amps

The very first guitar amplifiers made their maiden appearance in the 1930s. These were designed to be used with electric guitars, and they worked by introducing rectifier tubes and electrolytic capacitors which enabled the generation of built in power supplies. Now, all you had to do was plug in the power supply into wall sockets. […]

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What’s the Difference Between a Head, Cabinet, Stack or Combo Amp?

Many people do not know the difference between head, cabinet, stack and combo amps. Here is a brief discussion of the differences between these amps. Electric guitars need to be amplified in order to hear them louder than a simple acoustic guitar. An amplifier is exactly that, a machine designed to increase the volume of […]

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The Best Gigging Guitar Amps

If you’re going to be gigging on a regular basis, the weight (or rather the lack thereof) of your amp should be a primary consideration unless you already have an small entourage of technicians helping you move equipment around. For medium-sized venues, a 30-watt amp should be more than sufficient as far as volume goes. […]

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Roland Micro Cube

The Best Beginner Guitar Amps

If you’re looking to buy your first guitar amp, there are several important factors you need to consider before making your purchase. Ideally, you’ll want an amp that sounds great, rugged, is small and compact yet loud enough to be used in a full-band situation, easy to operate, and of course, cheap. Although it may be tempting to get a […]

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Guitar Amp Myths Dispelled

Even the most experienced guitar players will hold to facts that are completely incorrect or even as far as to be called fantasy many times. Many of them have created a good tone after years of experimenting with different guitar amps. This can run up a cost really fast. Even after they got the tone […]

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What Type of Amp Suits My Needs?

There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at what amp is best suited to your needs: tone, features, price quality, durability, volume and versatility. You should be able to pick one that will accurately suit your needs. There are some cheap amps that will be able to do what you need, if […]

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Guitar Tube Amp

Should I Get A Tube Amp or Solid State Amp?

The word on the street has it that the solid state amp can make cleaner power at a better rate while the scarce tube amps are more powerful for a comparative wattage. The result is an odd mix of tube pre-amps and amp power in solid state. Despite all of these, most serious player will […]

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